5x5 workout morning and 4x10 accessories in pm?

  1. 5x5 workout morning and 4x10 accessories in pm?

    I have been doing 5x5 for a month and half and wanted to know if I trained that in the morning and then that afternoon I did some curls or flys. And tricep extensions and reverse flys at 4x10 with lighter weight would that be ok? Or is it too much

  2. I believe You'd be halting your own recovery process and don't believe there would be a real benefit from it. Unless its a different muscle group. I say just make the time for it all at once.
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  3. Ok Thank you

  4. How has the 5x5 program been working for you? If you've been getting stronger and increasing weights, I wouldn't change it. Adding in an extra workout for the same muscle groups could be a bit overkill.

    If you want to incorporate some higher rep sets in with your 5x5, I would try to do that work directly following your 5x5 sets. Splitting it up and doing accessory movements later in the day could have an impact on recovery. You could always try it and see how it treats you, but my guess is it'll be too much
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