Natural herbs/foods/vitamins for estrogen management

  1. Natural herbs/foods/vitamins for estrogen management

    I'm down with turmeric and the cruciferous vegetables...

    anything else?

  2. Ok, well..slight update and theory. Apparently turmeric works somewhat like a serm, in that it occupies the estrogen receptor - thus keeping actual estrogens from being absorbed.

    Now. On its own, turmeric has been shown to absorb no so a 1-2 on a scale of ten, but with piperine (which is just black pepper, which in herbalism functions very similar to ginger or cayenne pepper - if anything less effectively) - it absorbs closer to an 8 or 9.

    Way better.

    Historically turmeric is used along side other warming spices. Spices that aid digestion, like ginger and hot pepper.

    So, basically my theory is that if I take my turmeric along side ginger, then I will be absorbing much better - thus achieving much better anti-estrogen effect.

    even better, I can get enough to take a heaping teaspoon dose of both ginger and turmeric at my local indian grocer for about 5-10 bucks a month. The key to herbs is dosing right and the right dosage is usually MUCH higher than you'll get from pills and their recommendations.

    I opt for bulk powders, most of the time just for ease of use and cost effectiveness.

  3. I'm going to try this out. I love ginger in general, but how are you taking these powders in large amounts? Prep wise. Hot water?

  4. It's to the point where I just get spoonful, eat it, wash it down with water. The "Toss and wash" method. Saves you TONS if you take a lot of herbal supps.

  5. I would say start with a teaspoon of each 1-2x a day. There's a limit to how much turmeric you can take before your skin turns orange and it becomes liver taxing. But I'm pretty sure that's around 10 grams. 1 teaspoon is only a couple of grams. Properly measured a tblspoon is 4 gr. So, heaping/ordinary teaspoon 2gr approx.

  6. ZINC! Been doing some searching on Zinc as an AI. Seems pretty legit. I know I feel better when I do the ZMA before bed. Totally into this. Think I'm going to start running Zinc, Desiccated liver and Turmeric on the regular.

  7. Zinc definitely helps metabolize estrogens, also cruciferous vegetables.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ironyogi View Post
    I'm down with turmeric and the cruciferous vegetables...

    anything else?
    Indole 3 Carbinol is great for estrogen. Google "Dr Houser and I3C"

  9. Just got product called DIM. It's apparently an extract of the active chemical in cruciferous vegetables. Gonna see about this.

  10. Zinc and resvertarol work in this fashion. Also, read up on chaste tree (vitex) as it is known to help regulate estrogen and progesterone to a normal balance. I am not recommending as I have not tried it and I only know it works for females, but thought you may be interested in learning more about it since you are on this path.

  11. Cheers, so far so good with all of this. I've been taking low dose clomiphene citrate and just using the turmeric, DIM and zinc to help manage any excess estrogens. Feeling fine. Tits are smaller (that just sounds wrong).

    I've taken vitex in the past and noticed an increased libido, never thought of it for estrogen management.


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