58 days OUT !!!

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  1. I have no issue believing he is natural. He is very conditioned which does not require drugs. He is of reasonable size for his height, once again not requiring drugs. In his competition day video I think it is obvious he is natty, he has the look of a natty guy in absolutely awesome condition to me. The tell tale drug thickness is not there in the back, chest, and legs. The legs really seal the natural debate for me. Do NOT take this the wrong way the guy looks AWESOME and it is obviously the result of lots of hard work. I also have no reason to come on here and call someone a liar with nothing but my opinion to back it up.
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  2. ANBF also makes them take a lie detector test.
    Check out my LG Bulk Kit log.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by madripper32 View Post
    ANBF also makes them take a lie detector test.
    Beta blockers. People can beat lie detectors.

    Dude looks great, I think he's natty.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  4. Hello Everybody,
    Thanks for all the kind words.. I am Indeed All Natural...I push the Natural Scene hard...When I won my Pro Card I was only 151 pounds. I hope to help as many people out as I can....I am also going to the Arnold Classic any other???


  5. Dude how the **** does that **** not tear up your stomach.

    And you finished in like record time!

  6. Congratulations on receiving your natural pro card. You're conditioning was spot on, props.

  7. damn thats crazy natural

  8. Love these videos man!

  9. Great videos man!

    Late but in

  10. How many calories were you eating daily to get to that sort of condition?

  11. Things I learned:
    People will call you out for juicing with only 68KG of mass.

  12. looking jacked up bro keep it up!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Ozchuck View Post
    Things I learned: People will call you out for juicing with only 68KG of mass.
    There's no requirement of weight for juicing lol. If a 100 lb 15 year old wants to juice he can do it. There are plenty of juicers who won't even break 180 lbs

  14. I am 100 percent natural guys


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