alternating hypertrophy and strength training

  1. Hey guys I was talking to a guy at my gym and he recommended for me that I should switch from hypertrophy training to strength training every 10 weeks or so. I was wondering is that a good idea. My goals are to put on as much muscle mass as I can so I can compete well in bodybuilding competitions. Would this be a good thing to do?

  2. I don't think it's a bad idea. I would look into 5/3/1 Boring But Big. Pretty easy to follow unless you're brand new to all this. Gives you a nice mix of the two.

  3. or phat if you know how to eat enough

  4. Pure strength training (if you are looking from a 1RM standpoint) can be more geared towards low reps & multi set schemes. ie: 3-5 of say 3x's-2x's-1x's. See Prilipen's chart.
    As fas as mass gains and strength, good 5x5 programs or as the above poster mentions 5/3/1 etc. etc. works quite well.
    As Dan John says, "Everything works for about 6 weeks, then nothing seems to work".
    The biggest keys will be knowing when to change up the intensities maybe volumes etc. without falling into CRCing. Eating is also a huge part of weight/mass gain.

  5. Good recommendations by the above 3 posters as usual.

    Check that link out. It may give you a better understanding of what periodization is, particularly western/linear periodization and give you some understanding why your gym buddy said that. You'll do a hypertrophy phase for 4-6wks, strength phase 4-6 wks, power phase for 4wks, and a peak phase for 2-4wks-which would be the final strength phase, then follow with an active rest or transitional phase.

    I'd much prefer just checking out 5/3/1 though with some high rep assistance work, or Layne Norton's PHAT.
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