Should I compete in 2014?

  1. Should I compete in 2014?

    I've been lifting for around 2 years, only really considered myself a bodybuilder for 6 months. Trying to decide if I should hire a coach to take me through prep and compete in summer of 2014. Stats are:
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 140.2
    BF%: 9-10%?
    Few pictures are attached (as of 4/26/13) to show foundation, planning on increasing size over the summer.

    So, think I have the genetics to compete?
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  2. Of course! With some more work you could look like an absolute beast! Not that you don't already!

  3. Thanks man! I'm confident a coach could get me exactly where I want to be by summer of 2014. If I go through prep I'll make another thread post to track progress.

  4. I would sub to that thread it would be pretty sweet

  5. To be completely honest your back is lagging big time and you insertions in your abs are kinda sub-par but if that's what you wanna do don't let anyone tell you otherwise
    My current UNsponsored PES EP cutting log:

  6. go for mens physique


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