Layne Norton

  1. Layne Norton

    Is he really a lifetime natty?

  2. I dont believe he brought a natty conditioning at the shows he competed in.. my guess is pro hormones since they werent banned back when he competed

  3. Layne is a one of a kind!
    I have deep respect to him as an individual. We both trained in the same gym for the last couple of years. I will not say that i know him personally however, after many conversations and seeing his training i do believe is his a natty. This conclusion is not based on his performance on training or competitions but rather on his personality.
    If anyone steps on stage proclaiming that they are a natty and decide to lie that's on them. Don't think that achievements can only be done via drugs (in subject within the sport). Look at pics of Alberto Nunez, Doug Miller, Cordova and many more... are they natty? Yeah why not!

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