Top male bodybuilders

  1. Top male bodybuilders

    Who are the current top male body builders and why?

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  3. Astonishing the masses with his role as Hercules in the late-1950s, Reeves seemed to accomplish as much as an actor as he did as a bodybuilder – but don’t think that means he wasn't an impressive bodybuilder. This Montana native won several competitions – including Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe all before the age of 25 – and his is often considered one of the most impressive natural male physiques ever. He then left competition to focus on acting, and his Hercules flicks helped him rake in box-office returns worldwide. Once Europe’s highest-paid actor, Reeves’ later career was primarily spent extolling the virtues of drug-free bodybuilding.

    Referred to by some as the “father of aesthetics” and by others as the “bodybuilder you’d most want to look like,” Zane made huge contributions to his sport during. Aside from winning the Mr. Olympia crown three years running from ‘77-’79, this muscleman inspired a shift that saw the focus move away from pure mass and towards a competitor’s proportions and aesthetics. Some credit his belief in an ideal physique rather than a massive one with turning the sport into an artform. One of only three bodybuilders to ever beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a competition, Zane’s abdominals are said to be some of the best ever.

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