Squat Problems!

  1. Squat Problems!

    I have been lifting for around 7 months and I have always had an issue when doing heavy squats. My collarbones are very high and prominent and whenever I set the weight on the top of my back, it always puts a lot of pressure on the points of my collarbones, causing a decent bit of pain which bothers me and causes me to adjust during my squat and have a loss of good form. Is there any way I could avoid this issue? I've been thinking about putting a towel over my shoulders and was wondering if this would help. All advice and tips would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Ive used a squat bar for ages

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  3. No towels

    I was told long ago build bigger traps... More cushion.... Just have to deal with it
    There are two places.....low placement and high placement... I put it high with wide stance and wide grip
    Be patient find your comfort zone you will get it!!!

  4. you should be squeezing your shoulder blades together to flex your traps. and the bar should rest on your traps, not your collar bone or neck

  5. Set the bar lower on your back, the weight should sit at eh base of your rear delts...this is where powerlifters have the bar. You have to bend forward a little as you squat but as long as your hips open up youll be fine. High bar squatting is fine if you keep the weight relatively low, but there will be a point when the weight will begin to dig into your neck and cause discomfort. change bar position.

  6. You might have bad knees or have a bad form, don't hurt them.

  7. Front squats?
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  8. I would recommend low bar squats and front squats (they are uncomfortable at first but the coach can show you how). Basically the bar should not be sitting on any bone when you are squatting.
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  9. Old thread, I think he's probably better at squatting now.
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  10. If you feel like you've mastered proper squat form you can also try different variations to mix it up. Goblet squats, front squats, Zercher squats. All are good variations. Wrapping a towel or foam pad can help sometimes but start light and get used to the balance. It makes heavy squatting a little more dangerous.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by puccah8808 View Post
    Old thread, I think he's probably better at squatting now.
    Just noticed that. Good call.
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  12. inb4 he still needs help


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