Neck Pain

  1. Neck Pain

    I want to build up my traps but everything I try to go heavy on shrugs I get this sharp pop pain in the middle of my neck. Is there something I can do to try and help or maybe I should do an alternative workout for traps?

  2. do you deadlift? facepull? rack pull? rear delt work?

    or do you rely on shrugs?

  3. doing shrugs in a standing calf raise machine works dont have to hold onto the weight and can isolate your trap movment without risking neck issues....face pulls are also a great high rep movement for traps.

  4. i NEVER do shrugs alone. unless im lifting very very heavy (1-3 reps), i will shrug at the top of my deadlift but thats it. many back workouts also hit traps. if they hurt you, avoid them you dont want an injury. i place a heat pad on my neck and back and night as well as get in the hot tub a few times a week and it helps my neck and back so much. totally worth the time.
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  6. Big fan of deadlifts for traps, too! Although they do make me a bit sore sometimes...
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  7. Maybe check your posture? my therapist said that neck pain is 90% because of poor posture. A lot of people crane their head forward and that is really bad for the neck apparently. You want to have the head so the ears is above the shoulders.


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