1. Creatine

    Does anyone of you guys recommend creatine to help with muscle growth. If not help me out with some ways you guys use.

  2. creatine monohydrate. 3-5 grams daily.

    you don't need a loading phase or any other fancy creatines.

    have you used any supps in the past? there are tons of awesome natty products

  3. I take 1st Phorms Formula 1 and ignition after workout.

  4. I am not familiar with either of those

    how is your nutrition? that's where the gains will actually come from

  5. I try to eat every three hours and watch my protein and carb intake mostly. Most of the time its a healthy protein shake that a friend of mine drinks cause when im at school its hard to get out of there to eat.

  6. any decent quality creatine mono will do. dont blow ur wad. creatine is cheap..
    if ur trying to gain alittle, eat higher carbs also.


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