Lean Gains / Cutting is possible!

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    Good evening ladies and gents,

    Little bit about my situation...

    Took a turn to fitness after highschool, not really focusing on anything other than getting used to training and eating the right foods as much as possible. Been about 8 years total, and learning different techniques for bodybuilding as well as changing "what I thought I knew" about nutrition and training. Never ending, on going process.

    Anyhow, I've decided to take nutrition and fitness to the next level. I would love to compete in competition within the next year, and want to spend the next 12-18 months to try new things and see what I can do. I usually accomplish whatever I can set my mind to.


    Weight - 200-205lbs

    Height - 6'3

    BF%: approx 13-15 (not entirely too sure, haven't checked in about 12 months)

    What I'm interested in doing is doing whatever I can to lean out, would like to lose about 5% BF over the course of the next 10-12 weeks. Here is what my weekly routine looks like (gym time tends to be in the evening after 5pm):

    Sun - Off
    Mon - Legs
    Tues - Chest
    Wed - Delts
    Thur - Off
    Fri - Bi and Tri
    Sat - Back
    *Cardio - 5 min warmup every day, with 4 days of 30 mins of cardio throughout the week*

    Currently been reading on the power/rep range/shock program. Familiar with the techniques, yet haven't done a program like this specifically. Would like to transition to a program such as this.

    As far as nutrition goes, I'm starting to incorporate a lot more micronutrients. Most of these come later in the day where I tend to taper off of carbohydrates (evening). Lean meats (fish, chicken, turkey) are staples for my meals. A cup of oats in the morning, typically with fruit. Snacks between meals consisting of either whey shake or turkey and cup of granola or toast with peanut butter. All in all, consuming around 2200 cals/day. *Another note* I have an "office type" job, where I spent about 75% of my day at some sort of desk.

    Like I said, my goal is to focus on leaning out, while maintaining muscle mass. I try not to focus too much on numbers as far as body weight goes, but I would like to see 7-8% BF within the next 10-12 weeks.

    Any and all input would be appreciated. Anyone else in my shoes feel free to input as well!

  2. No input?!? Guess I'll head over to simply shredded or bb.com

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