Alittle advice please

  1. Alittle advice please

    Ok so I'm doing my pre contest diet lasting about 12-14 weeks. I eat 6-8 meals a day spaced out 2-3 hours depending on the meal. I'm trying to conserve a little money because I was doing a lean meat green veggie and complex carb for every single meal. Right now I just don't have the funds to buying all that meal. I have a meal replacement shake that I'm very fond of that consist of 65g of whey/casein protein, 85g of fast/slow carbs with on 4g of fat. A full serving Is 650 calories. My question is what is everyone's take on using my meal replacement shake, not a full serving of course, for all my in between meals and just do breakfast/lunch/dinner solid meals to help save money? Like mid morning mid afternoon just so a shake instead?? Do you think this would still keep my metabolism firing and also give my body nutrients without actually eating 6-8 solid meals a day? I did the figuring and I would still be meetin my calorie and macro needs using the shakes with solid meals. What does everyone think? Comments please negative and positive. Thanks

  2. so much broscience. what carbs are actually in your gainer? look at the ingred list or just name the powder

  3. Re: Alittle advice please

    Whole foods always trump shakes

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  4. It's made by optimum nutrition, it's called lean gainer. I use it during my bulking phase and it works great. If I can use it now I'm just goin to lower the serving

  5. if youre talking about pro complex gainer, thats all maltodextrin. good looking protein profile ifyou are about that, but its all sugar

  6. I think it said 5g for a full serving?

  7. thats just sugar. maltodextrin is technically a complex carb but with a gi higher than sugar. its basicly a marketing toy so they can claim low sugar

    almost every gainer does this

  8. So what do u recommend?

  9. food. i tell my clients to pick a protein and pick a carb. for example, i do chicken or tilapia for protein with rice as my carb choice. then fill in with veggies, milk, all the other stuff. its real basic but a good baby step to learning how to eat instead of supplement.

    i have friends that do burgers a lot, so beef and bread. or chicken and noodles for alfredo. its basicly just getting a solid carb and solid protein source that you like, and work around that for meals

    most people fall in love with my freezer lol. right now its at 5lbs frozen beef 92/8. ~6lbs of thin sliced chicken breast, and ~4 lb tilapia all from costco/winco. fridge has 2 dozen eggs and 3 gallons of skim milk. skim isnt necesary, i just grew into it since i was really young

  10. I love skim milk I just heard it was a big no no for pre contest, cuz I even had to cut out fat free cottage cheese before bed


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