1. Formasurge/Endosurge

    Hi! I hope to become an active member of these forums. I'm 22 years of age weighing 145-147 pounds at 5 feet and 6 inches of height. I'm looking to gain around 5-10 pounds in 3 to 4 months. I have been lifting for two years already (with only about 3 months off due to personal issues). I have gone from 125 pounds to what I'm weighing right now. I feel as I've hit a plateau and I'm really trying to reach 165 at some point of my life. I'm not in a hurry to get there as I know gaining lean muscle takes time.

    I hit the gym 4-5 times out of the week, I do occasionally drink beer but I'm a college student so it's kind of hard to stop when I'm always around drinks. I have an intake of about 2500 calories a day. (I know I need more calories and I'll try to bump it up to at least 3500)

    I really feel as if the first year of weight lifting really kicked off well for me as it is when I first started seeing so many gains. Now that I have slowed down, I'm thinking of stacking Gaspari SizeOn Creatine, 100 percent natural whey protein,L-Glutamine, and ALSO I'm wondering if I can stack Formasurge/Endosurge.

    Do you really think those two products will make a difference?

    I was thinking of maybe adding a Pro Hormone but I'm not sure which is the best and what proper Pct to take with it after? I would like to gain 10 pounds but I'm looking at this at a more realistic point of view and I know I'll end up gaining around 4-7 pounds. However, if there is any kind of supplements that I can buy and stack please give me some insight.

    Below is my work out routine(let me know if I need to change anything)

    I'd like to mention that I find it very hard to put mass on my legs. I wish I could add mass to my legs the way my arms bulk up. Any advice? I try to squat however after a couple of weeks of knee starts feeling very odd so I take a couple of weeks from squatting away.

    M-2 mile run- Chest and Triceps
    T-Back-Shoulders, Biceps
    W-2 mile run (finish the end of my jog with some 5 sets of sprints)-Leg and Abs
    TR-Chest and Triceps

    Any advice appreciated, thank you.

  2. Anyone?

  3. what are you doing for your legs?
    Start squating and deadlifting and you will see gains in your legs.
    with how much you weigh i can see u have a high metabolism, you need to eat every 3 hours minimum with 3000+ calories a day.

    why are you running so much? its not necessary to gain muscle. you might be working out to often, your muscles will need about 6-8 days to fully recover, muscles dont grow when u work the same ones out often, they grow when they get adequate rest after training.
    i hit every muscle group 1 time a week and have one full rest day
    im just started my forma/endo stack with Daa and Vanillean

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