Alot of work...

  1. Alot of work...

    Sup fellas I weight about 145 lbs and I'm trying to get to 180 at least, in however long it needs to take. I have a little muscle tone I'm just wanting to gain mass and still look ripped. I use to work out alot for football but I would also condition twice as much(3-5 miles a day) so it was hard for me to gain muscle. Any advice is helpful!
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  2. Calculate kcal maintenance intake. Increase by 250kcal each week and go slow.

    Only way to stay lean and gain mass is slowly.

    Drop cardio to maybe 1 day a week but not needed where the weights if done correctly, negates needs for cardio.

    Sleep well, eat clean with emphasis on pre intra and post workout nutrition and lots of water.

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  3. Give us an idea what your diet and training looks like right now so we can assist you better. Also 3-5 mile runs will kill your muscle gains.
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