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    I'm looking for some motivation from my brothers and sisters in training below are some pictures one from 3 years ago and one from the present I am going to get back where I was I just need some help in the encouragement and accountability area can you guys and gals help with that?
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  2. Dude your pretty stacked when your in the 1st pic. Believe in yourself that you can do it again. Do it for the sake you being happy don't care what others think your champion in the making. Champs always fall but it takes a true champ to get back up and continue. You can do it! I believe in you man. Just dedicate and commit everything towards this. Make working out your lifestyle. Good luck.

  3. Wait... how come your tattoos are gone now... ???
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  4. This should help, the guy speaking is Eric Thomas motivational speaker his ****ing awesome! His addictive check his series out in you tube but here is a good one for motivation. You have to listen to the story he is telling :

  5. tatoos were cool


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