Tongkat ali 200:1

  1. Tongkat ali 200:1

    Hi , I want to know from people who try tongkat ali 200:1 what is the posology . 1 day I try 1.4 grams after super an 1 hour later I start to feel bad . High heart beat level, diziness and I still feel the effect 2 days later. Monday I give a second try with 700mg and after 2 hours I fill the same but less powerfull and today I still feel the effect. My performance was outstanding too. ;p . How about yours ?

  2. I took the Vitex 200:1 LJ. It's a good natural test booster. One of my favorites, actually. It's also widely used in PCT for ball size, since it causes tissue swelling in the testicles.

    It's great for libido. I never had ANY nasty sides from it, but I took alot of t booster before it. I took it with 3.12g of DAA, and some 90%Saponins Trib and my libido/Endurance was insane son.

    Good call on getting the 200:1. Most people don't dig that deep to get the standardization.

  3. thank you for your reply , can you tell me what is the size of the pills ? mine are 700 mg and I belive this is too much .

  4. Mine were 500MG and I took it twice a day. So about a gram. I don't think that's too much for you man.

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  5. What is best brand to purchase

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jsals22 View Post
    What is best brand to purchase
    Vitex. Try Amazon.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ShockTroop View Post

    Vitex. Try Amazon.
    Vitax? Do you buy the powder or caps? Are you sure it's quality?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by beastybean View Post

    Vitax? Do you buy the powder or caps? Are you sure it's quality?
    I buy Caps homie. It's standardized to 200:1 Eurycoma. That's the best quality anywhere. There's only one other brand, SD200, and you pay almost twice as much for the same product.
    Also bro, my mistake. It's VITAX, not VITEX.
    Found the bottle today.
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  9. Cool, I'll probly get the powder since its cheaper per gram.

  10. Are you shure vitax is the best one you have try , because with this one I did not see anything even if I take 1.2 grams with 700mg of ginseng instead of 500 mg alone :s

  11. Best time to dose? With or w out food?


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