Sporto's Log

  1. Sporto's Log

    Sporto's DUP Program


    These felt really light and I was able to explode off the floor. No belt. No straps. No wraps. It was a nice change of pace to lift at a lower intensity for once.

    BB Pendlay Rows

    I must admit, the last set of 315 was pretty hard to do without the straps. By that time, my grip was pretty tired and I had to throw on the straps and re-do the last 4 reps of the set to make sure I did them with good form. I still count the set as 8 reps and not 12.

    DB Shrugs SuperSet DB Rear Raises
    100X15 SS 25X10
    130X12 SS 25X10
    150X10 SS 30X8

    Here is where the sweat started steamrolling down my face. At about this time in the workout, I had quite a bit of bloodflow in the back and I felt gi-normous.

    Seated Rows SuperSet Reverse Pec Deck
    StackX12 SS 160X12
    Stack+30X10 SS 175X10
    Stack+50X10 SS 190X8

    No straps here either, but towards the end it was getting difficult to keep hold. Man, it's amazing how much grip strength I lost by relying on straps all this time. I mean, it's not like I didn't expect it, but I guess I didn't expect that it would have been this much. I love the straps because they allow me to focus on pulling with my elbows to make my back to the movements, but I'm not digging this weak grip strength stuff. Time to man up.

    IFPA Professional Bodybuilder
    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    Scivation Sponsored Athlete

  2. Haven't followed a Sporto log in awhile but will be in for this one! Interested in seeing some of the DUP in action.

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