New to the sport

  1. New to the sport

    I'm new to the sport of men's physique and bodybuilding. I've lifted sport specific and powerlifting for many years now. I'm 20 and would be very appreciative of any tips anybody has. Ill post pics at soon as possible

  2. Biceps/back 10/31/12:

    EZ bar curl: 4/13,11,8,10

    DB curl: 4/8,8,10,10

    Preacher curl: 4/12

    Lat pull down: 3/12

    Low grip row: 3/12

    Didn't have time for cardio today between classes and work. Will hit it hard tomorrow

  3. I'm assing you're posting in order to gain some advice so I feel like I should give you mine.

    You did 12 sets for your biceps, one of the smallest muscle groups on the body. You did only 6 sets for your back, your largest group of muscles on your upper body. I recommend flipping that around. Your biceps get worked when you work your back. I hardly ever do curls and I have good sized arms.

    Welcome and good luck with the rest of your routine.
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  4. Alright makes sense ill keep that in mind. Appreciate it

  5. 11/1/12:

    DB incline bench- 4/12
    Db bench-2/10
    Machine fly-2/10
    Tri press down-4/8,8,10,10
    Lying tri ext-4/12,12,10,10

    30 mins on treadmill at 7.5 mph



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