Something 5 days a week

  1. Something 5 days a week

    Hey guys, I have been working out since January this year and I have gained about 15 pounds. I have been sitting at the same weight now for about two months so I think I am going to start focusing a little more on getting a little bit more food.

    I am 5'7" and weigh 145lbs.
    My 1RM are as follows
    Bench- 205
    Squat- 295
    Deadlift- 345

    I have been doing a workout like....
    M- Push/heavy
    T- Pull/heavy
    W- Legs
    Th- Push/hypertrophy
    F- Pull/hypertrophy

    I was wondering if anyone things I should switch it up? I don't have a set schedule with what I do when I go in the gym so its different each day. I havent been recording my progress but I am now going to start that, which is why I want to find a set schedule.

    Should I keep this schedule? I enjoy coming 5 days a week to gym.

    Thank you everyone for the help.

  2. Are you still making progress? If so stick with it.

  3. try the increased cals and see if the training is still working, maybe increase weight by 2.5lbs if anything
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  4. Flat BB Bench 4x6-8
    DB Flat Bench 4x6-8
    Incline OR Decline BB Bench 4x6x8
    Seated Flyes 4x6-8
    Cable Flyes 4x6-8
    Tricep Pushdown 4x6-8
    Single hand Tricept Pushdown 4x6-8
    DB Kickback 4x6-8
    Arnold DB Press 4x6-8
    BB Shoulder Press 4x6-8
    Delt Raise 4x6-8

    That is what I usually do. Give or take a few exercises. Then I do this again on Thursday with 8-12 reps. Is this to much volume doing this 2x a week? I thought the gains I have received are great but like mentioned I think upping my calories will hopefully make me get bigger.

    Thank you both for reading and replying.

  5. This what I do


    For upper I do
    laying tbar rows
    flat bench dumbell press
    pull ups
    dumbell curls
    tricep press and sometimes military press

    for lower
    standing calf rizes
    hamstring curl(not sure whats the name of that mashine)
    lower back extensions
    bunch of abs on one of those big balls

    I do about 4 sets for all with various reps.
    On upper days after back and check a lot of times I will skip arm work as they get worked hard during compound movements.

    Weekends I keep off. You can do 5on 2 off or 2on one off

    If your not recovering quickly enought eat more or instead of 4 sets per exercise do 2-3 dont be afraid of frequency add weight to each workout day



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