First natural comp help

  1. First natural comp help

    Hey guys! I want to do my first show this next spring. I currently weigh 183.2 lbs and 12.9% bf and am 6 ft tall. My goal is to increase size for the remainder of this yr, then start cutting 16 weeks before show day. I'm looking for ideas, suggestions, and recommendations. How many calories are we thinkin? I'm thinkin for macronutrients doing 40/40/20 protein/carbs/fat? Any meal ideas too? Should I lay off the cardio while I bulk? Just any ideas would be awesome! Help me out and give me your experience!

  2. were do we start mate . All i can say briefly is start with your carbs high say 300g protein moderate and fats from usual sources nuts olive rapeseed oil ( first pressing) start about 5- 6 months out and make sure to keep food ckean plenty broccoli spinach 5 - 6 litre water daily . As time goes on you can cut your carbs if fat loss stops thats why we start high can introduce cardio and even cycle carbs . Carbs are more important than protein in the natural game mate . Keep it simple

  3. Also doing my first show in April so I'll be following along here.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jim k
    Also doing my first show in April so I'll be following along here.
    What are your stats and plan of attack?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cluffybaby

    What are your stats and plan of attack?
    I am 37 and started this year in the mid 270's. I had been overweight for years. Always worked out heavy and did some cardio but never ate right. I finally got fed up and back in March I hired a nutritionist team specializing in bodybuilding. Things have been going in the right direction ever since.

    I am currently 6 feet tall and 206 pounds at 11.6% bodyfat. I am taking in 230 g of protein, 200 g carbs and 45 g fat everyday. I have a high carb day on Sunday(300g) and on Wednesday(250). I am trying to get to 190 over the next 5 weeks so I've upped my cardio to 5-7 days a week and increased my workouts as well.

    I plan on taking the stage between 180-185 pounds. I will reevaluate as I get lower in bodyfat.

  6. Ok well I was hoping for more help and suggestions as I'm starting today to change things up. However, with my current stats, I think my plan of attack for building is cutting out cardio, and shooting for 3,000 cal/day. Around 40% protein 40% fat 20% carbs. Maybe 35% fat 25% carbs

  7. I'll be competing again in the Spring too, guys. Good luck to you both. I'll pop back in here when I have a few extra minutes and post up my thoughts to the op.

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  8. Good someone else! Update: actually doin 2500 cal/day at 40/40/20 protein/carb/fat ratio breakdown


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