Need some opinions on a schedule

  1. Need some opinions on a schedule

    Does anyone have a suggested schedule for a guy 22 years old, 162lbs who works the night shift at fedex hub from 9pm-4am. I have been so exhausted lately, I lift boxes all night long anywhere from 30-200lbs.. but usually around 80lbs. Im tossing them all night long and I feel like I have ZERO energy when I wake up to go workout.. I haven't had a good workout in 2 weeks since I started. I also have knee problems, I have one knee recovering from an ACL surgery back in january and my right knee has a current torn ACL/MCL and Meniscus.. These days just don't seem to good for me training wise, I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions. I have Saturday/Sundays off of work. (I think I have sleeping problems too.. lol)

  2. Sorry dude but it sounds like u need a new job! Non-the less:
    You need to ask yourself some serious questions:
    Did you do adequate rehab 4 your ACL?
    When are you getting the other done?/if so...
    Is this job doing me any favors with the injury's I have?
    Work out your what your goals are and what you'd like to achieve out of training?
    What's your food intake like: messy/clean too much/ too little. (energy levels)
    Everyone starts somewhere champ!
    Hope I've helped

  3. bring some meals into work, something quick and healthy you can scarf down. can you workout before you go into work? might help keep ya awake through your shift. I do it with my job. that way you can get home and crash.
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  4. The every day you should drink milk then your muscle will be improve quickly.

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