Am workout

  1. Am workout

    I get up at 4am and start my workout @ 4:30. What is the best pre workout food/supplement that I should do right when i wake up?

  2. Any reason to not train fasted?

  3. That is what I do now, just wondering what if there would be any benefit to a pre to boost energy etc....

  4. If you're workouts are going well, then there's no reason to change it outside of maybe some BCAA.

  5. Sound advice, ty

  6. i too workout early in the morning... couple scoops of jack3d and a dt. mt. dew on the drive to the gym.

  7. BCAA or EAA, and depending in your diet possibly a drink like Karbolyn or Karboload.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  8. thanks for the advice.....

  9. I train fasted at 5 am, i take 10g of BCAA and 1 serving of Assault before i lift.


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