Burning in right trap when shrugging

  1. Burning in right trap when shrugging

    What's up everybody, I'm still new here but an update: I've gained 8-10 pounds in the last 3 months. Feeling pretty good. Except for one thing.. I get this strange burning sensation is my trap when I shrug. Usually just the right side but it feels like im getting stabbed with a tiny hot knife, I can work threw it sometimes but it's pretty painful and I can't complete my 15-18 reps ( I like high reps for shrugging, so It shouldn't be too much weight?!?) although my traps and shoulders are bulking up nicely, I'm still worried about the burn. Oh takin whey/creatine/carbo gain/ jack3d

    Any help would be stellar. Thanks!

  2. Pain is the body's signal that you need to stop doing whats causing it. Not to be confused with muscle soreness or the burn from a good pump. Id lay off the shrugs a couple weeks and re-evaluate. If it's burning like a hot knife is stabbing you use some common sense bro. It's definitely not a sign to keep shrugging. Once you've injured something using lighter weight isn't going to help matters....
    "Liver stress is weakness leaving the body!!"

  3. I feel like it isn't injured, I've never injured it in my life. I know how it feels to work and injured muscle.. Sadly... Thatis like more of a cramping dull constant pain, In my experience anyway. But this is like a pinch I guess, maybe it is injury and I'm trying to 'shrug' it off. But I guess I'll lay off a for a bit. Anyone had this experience?

  4. *bump Anyone?

  5. If problem persists it could be parasites. Try a months/ 6 weeks detox supplementing lactoferrin and olive leaf extract. Mite be wrong but if you've tried everything else

  6. Well I had a Vietnamese parasite from the natural springs in washington state, I thought I got rid of it but it may be that.. Was told it was the problems to multiple health concerns I was facing but never brought up this problem. Could very well be, thanks for the insight I'ma got get checked to see if its gone... Never thought of the parasite factor. Damn.. #****JustGotReal lol AGAIN!


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