Ectomorph Natural Bodybuilder

  1. Ectomorph Natural Bodybuilder

    Hey guys, just wanted to post my first progression vid out here.
    This is in 4 months, and done naturally.
    Have been using a weightgainer and some amino acids.
    My current workout plan is:

    2-split 12 weeks

    Monday & Thursday:
    Yates-rowing: 5x6
    Benchpress: 5x5
    Military Press: 3x8
    Bicep curl / hammer curl: 3x12

    Tuesday & Friday:
    Squats: 5x5
    Deadlifts: 5x5
    Lunges 5x10
    Norwegian military situps: 40x1 - 20x1 - forced reps x 1

    I'm not yet allowed to post links, but if you go to youtube and search for EctomorphNBB the vid will come up.

    Feedback here or on the vid would be real nice, negative or positive!


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