The dry hard look

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    For that in bold: if you've ever seen the documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger (one of my top 5 favs) they show the statistics on the majority of people who use anabolics are your local "gym rats" and not athletic competitors.

    The second, yes, is debatable pending the organization. NGA and INBF I know are 7 years clean. MuscleMania is something silly like 2-3 years. Unless youre well experienced in evaluating a physique its not exactly obvious. I agree with aceroni - its so easy to point out a natural guy whos well built and just immediately say "oh, hes juicin." Ive seen VERY impressive natural physiques. ( I wish I was 185 )
    Back when I went to 7% bf naturally people said I was on roids.The highest form of compliment to a natural bodybuilder in my opinion.What they didn't know is I was going keto 95% of the time on a large calorie deficit state while doing way too much cardio.I lost 15 lbs of muscle doing that natty.Worth it?Yeah.I got to show off at the beach.Would I go to that extreme again?Probably not without gear cause I was getting hurt pretty bad very often while training.

  2. I am 8 percent bf naturally . Will I drop bf during my test dbol cycle or will my muscle growth like stretch out my skin and give me the dry hard look ?

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    I am 8 percent bf naturally . Will I drop bf during my test dbol cycle or will my muscle growth like stretch out my skin and give me the dry hard look ?
    Depends on your diet/training. Depending on your goals, a great idea might be to do something of a short (lean-) bulk for the 4 weeks you're on dbol, and then do a recomp throughout the rest of your cycle (keep protein very high, decrease carbs a lot, increase cardio) until you PCT.

  4. A 5 10' 180 lbs guy that is 7-8% bf will get accused of steroid use by common public. People are not used to seeing round muscles, tie-ins, surface veins everywhere and that type of look....(of course this is wearing a tank top or shirtless) as that same guy wont look like much fully clothed.

    As for a question about epistane and being natural --- everyone that has been around these forums for considerable time knows that claiming to be natural just because something is not yet banned is a crock of crap. They are on a harsh oral steroid and are using PED's


  5. You should be able to reduce calories, increase workouts / cardio, and reduce sodium to healthy levels. Once that is accomplished, add 60-Days Test Propionate / Masteron / Winny.



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