Need Advice and Help

  1. Need Advice and Help

    Hi I am new to this site and am wondering if anyone can help me make a diet to follow to gain weight. I am 17 years old 6'4 185lbs. I need help because i am a football QB and am talking to d1 colleges. They are all saying the same thing, they will offer a full ride if i can put on some lbs (basically). Saban said that i need to preferably put on around 30lbs by the season (mid-september) to become part of the tide which has always been my dream school to play for since i was a kid... Ill do whatever it takes, any help will be used and appreciated.

    30lbs is a lot for that time span i know but i just need to get close, 205lbs would hopefully be acceptable and thats a tough goal, i just need your expertise and ill go 110% with it and see where that gets me

  2. It can be done my friend. PM me.

  3. Edit: I forgot you can't PM yet, i'll message you..

  4. Sounds good, thank you

  5. dude, eat, eat eat and eat. my 10th grade year, my bud, 6ft 5 175lbs senior, got ahold of by akron, they redshirted him this season but just fed him like 5800 calories a day. now he is like 245 te. moral of story eat like a boss so you dont sit out a year, do it noww bud



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