Good bulking supplements??

  1. Good bulking supplements??

    My friend is looking to put on mass he is really skinny he try's lifting weights and eating lots of food but nothing yet basically he wants to gain weight is there any safe no harm supplements that will help him gain weight or any thing to really help him out ?? Any types of foods that will help put on weight or any supplements you guys tried ?

  2. Or would just protein shakes start to help him out ?

  3. protein shakes and lots and lots of meat will do wonders

  4. really no need to double post the same exact question
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  5. I don't do dairy, but i know drinking WHOLE VITAMIN D milk will help you obtain necessary calories..
    Peanut butter, red meat, etc

  6. Tip 1) Log your food intake. Might be surprised how low it is

    Tip 2) Create a diet, print it out, place it on the fridge, and place check marks next to each meal on completion.

    Tip 3) Try a weight gainer shake (if you can't get all the calories from regular food).

    Tip 4) There are some supplements that can help pack on muscle, however they are pointless if your diet and training aren't up to par.
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  7. lots of food and hard training.

    creatine, BCAAs, protein, Anabeta (original or Elite), DAA, IGF 2 . u can even stack all of those
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