building help?

  1. building help?

    I have some light weights at home but I'm really worried on my size I'm 5'9" ad only weigh 49kg which is really bad..I eat all I can but struggle to put on weight so thought bodybuilding might help me, where is a good start as I don't want to hit gym because I'm skinny as hell , I realised roids isn't an option at 17.... Thanks

  2. Any plans would be appreciated

  3. Just do some at home and then hit the gym it's not only big people at the gym trust me m8

  4. I highly highly recommend looking into Starting Strength by Mark Ripptoe. Probably one of the best programs for starting out to add strength and size.

    Also, unless you are screaming or flailing like a chicken that got kicked in the head I assure you people are not concerned with other people in the gym. Unless your a hot Chica of course. Just grow some thick skin and get into the gym. Follow starting strength, eat a healthy well balance diet with lots of calories and stay the course steady and true.
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  5. I've read that program by Mark tiptoe... Good stuff.... Focus on compound lifts, and eat like to a horse! Try stop training like an idiot by Jim stoppani on bodybuilding. Com



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