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  1. Need Advice

    Hi. My name is Ryan and I'm 17. I weigh 180-185 and I'm fairly new to lifting. I'm going to upload a picture and I'm hoping some vets can give me criticism. Thanks guys!
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  2. This is triceps
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  3. Anyone?

  4. From the pics you posted and for your age, your doing good. For your height though i would like to see you get a lil wider in the shoulders, i feel your delts are lacking. legs, back, bis, calves cant really say of course.

    Otherwise, its just the steady progress of trying to add as much mass to your frame as possible, which you already have a good base. I would say keep doing what your currently doing in regards to training as it seems to be working.
    "Dont worry about the burn man! You can do Jane Fonda classes if you want the burn"

  5. thanks for the helpful tips, man. I really appreciate it. I've been working on my shoulders and back a lot lately.

  6. For 17 yrs old man you look awesome, no doubt.
    My first piece of advice would be this: Seeing as we can't see your legs, I'm assuming you probably don't train them. or train them that hard. I've been lifting since I was about 16 or 17 and trust me when I say.. SQUAT. Train your legs HARD and your upperbody will grow. It sounds stupid, but trust me the more you squat the bigger your upperbody will get. Also, Do NOT neglect your deadlifts. They will put quality mass on your back, legs, arms, and shoulders / traps... Those two movements will help you gain more quality mass and power than any other isolation exercise.

    As far as for chest, focus on incline presses at a slight incline (25 degrees) as opposed to the original 45 degree incline. This will make your chest look much much bigger, no doubt.

    Also- One last thing. You seem pretty lean man. It will be hard to pack on lbs staying that lean.. I'm not saying get sloppy fat, but eat more food, and try to gain a little bit of body fat.. Trying to be perpetually lean year round will not help you gain mass. It will only hinder your strength and size gains.

    As a general rule of thumb- dont get too fat or it ****s with your hormones. If you can still see the outline of your abs (not flexing) you're fine.

  7. You look good though bro, Keep it up, keep training hard. You'll be HUGE before you know it..

    EDIT:: One VERY important note.. Do not forget your prehab movements.. When I was young I ignored that ****. (stupid, I know)

    IE FACEPULLS. DO THEM. They will keep your shoulders back (not rounded forward) and this will give you thicker traps, and make your back and chest stronger.
    Do rotater cuff work. You'll thank me later. Internal and external rotations, YTWs, etc..

  8. Thanks Ace I do squat a lot, though. My max squat is 365 lbs right now. >_< I've been trying to get that up, though. Does RDL count as a dead lift? ( Sorry for the noob question ) Thanks so much for the feedback,though!

  9. Hey buddy thats great. I always used to squat heavy now i'm changing my squatting up- to less weight higher reps witha more continous tension. I feel this will produce better results for BODYBUILDING. But as far as RDL's, Those are a better exercise for the hamstrings glutes as opposed to real deadlifts which are going to hit your back a bit more. I'd say do both, if you can.

    And as far as max, 365 is a retarted amount of weight for a 17 y/o kid to squat dude.. Keep it up!!
    But like i said, if you're trying to bodybuild you're going to want to train for reps and a pump, sure dont go suuper light, but you want to crank out 8-15 reps, not 2-3

  10. keep it up though bro you're on the right track.. As far as getting that squat up you can focus on your core strength which will help increase both your squats and deadlifts (abs and low back) and keep you healthy in general.

  11. Thanks so much, dude. I really appreciate all the help. and I normally do sets of 12 for my weights and if I decrease the reps I increase the weight.

  12. Awesome man, No problem at all!! If you have any more questions just ask bro i'm always down to help a brother of the iron. Esp a young one like yourself, you're gonna be huge one day dont doubt it!!

  13. What body % are you at an looking good dude keep it up

  14. Well when I went in and I weighed 190 lbs I was 7% body fat. Now I'm 185-ish. Usually like 186. Thanks man :P

  15. Anyone else?

  16. Eat more. Your lifting is probably fine. I am currently making gains because I am eating more. You have a lean frame, so eat more things like sweet potato and pasta.

  17. ^ He has a good point. its just gonna be hard to gain when you are that lean. That being said, EAT MORE FOOD!!!!
    everything. good food that is. lots of carbs lots of fats. lots of good protein

  18. I only have a 4 pac, really. Shouldn't I eat less?

  19. eat if you want to gain. someone mentioned not to worry about abs. its true. dont worry if you want size. little extra flab wont hurt anyone. you look like you've got a solid base and quite honestly pretty big for 6'3. i was half expecting to see sticks for 185. do everything in "cycles" get your self lean and in maintenance for summer, but dont expect much mass gain, if youre worried about abs and such, and eat like a monster to bulk for the winter. not like you'll be running around with your shirt off in the colder months unless you live in like san diego or south florida.

    keep up the hard work man.

  20. Do I have any flab? >_>

  21. Quote Originally Posted by radsla View Post
    Do I have any flab? >_>
    You sound like a chick fishing for compliments. Eat. I dont know what most people would say but 12-15%in bf is better for gains if not ideal. Unless your just trying to get shredded out and dont want to gain mass EAT.

  22. Alright yeah you're right. I'm not trying to gain a whole lot, though. I'm going to wrestle 189 in November.

  23. bumpity bump

  24. On first of May I'll upload a new pic. My latest goals were focusing on my legs and triceps a bit more.

  25. Time for progress pics.. Before you look I have been eating almost twice as much lately and I weigh 5-7 lbs more since the last pics ( 190-192lbs )


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