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  1. Yeah you could be a little wider in the shoulders what's your waist? I too have a small waist and my girl hates it but others just compliment on that I don't mind it at all! Look it Arnold back in his prime! But 17 years old bro not bad at all! Solid!

  2. You think I have a small waist? Thanks X) Its 31-32 inches.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by radsla View Post
    You think I have a small waist? Thanks X) Its 31-32 inches.
    Yeah you do have a small waist! So do I! My waist is a 32-33 I love my small waist even though my girl hates it! I think it's sexy! So keep it up bro! You look solid!

  4. Thanks a lot, bro

  5. Not a problem brother! If there's anything else you need feel free to ask! We're here to help out anyone and everyone right guys =D


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