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  1. No one? :/

  2. How tall are your? Sorry if I missed it.

    Also be patient. Results come over time. You can't do everything perfect for a week and expect a complete change. Your on the right path.

  3. I'm 6'2 - 6'3. Closer to 6'3. I'm also 17.

  4. Be very patient! How long have you been training? What are you looking to do?

  5. Like a year with free weights. Stay the same weight, but get really toned/shredded I guess.

  6. Same here.17 too bro.wanting the same thing.want to gain more muscle but stay pretty lean at the same time.was on a bulk for some time.gained some size but also some fat on my stomach but kinda stuck here

  7. Yeah I think I'm pretty lean. I think I'm 7% bodyfat

  8. That's good,are you still gaining muscle and weight with that same amount of body fat?im around 9% though.want to be around your percentage but more muscle.

  9. Yeah I'm still making gains. I've been 7% since like 3 years ago and I've been going up. You just gotta keep eating a lot. I don't take protein or creatine, though. I'm all natural. You want to look like me sorta or bigger?

  10. hey bud, i am also 17 and about the same weight. i was wondering if your lifting to body build or a sport

  11. A sport. I'm a wrestler and martial artist.

  12. so your less concern about mass and more about core strengtg

  13. What do you mean core strength? And yea

  14. I'm more concern about mass and building my core too.

  15. Yeah you could be a little wider in the shoulders what's your waist? I too have a small waist and my girl hates it but others just compliment on that I don't mind it at all! Look it Arnold back in his prime! But 17 years old bro not bad at all! Solid!

  16. You think I have a small waist? Thanks X) Its 31-32 inches.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by radsla View Post
    You think I have a small waist? Thanks X) Its 31-32 inches.
    Yeah you do have a small waist! So do I! My waist is a 32-33 I love my small waist even though my girl hates it! I think it's sexy! So keep it up bro! You look solid!

  18. Thanks a lot, bro

  19. Not a problem brother! If there's anything else you need feel free to ask! We're here to help out anyone and everyone right guys =D


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