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    As my picture shows, that's the maximum growth ive reached. I have been working out for 2 years, I intensified my workout, I changed my workout routine yet I never crossed that threshold.
    I am still not sure if I want to try a cycle (I dunno who to ask and I tried to ask bodybuilders jn my gym yet no one shares their resources dunno why!!!! )
    Anyhow, I am taking the following supps, any advice if I should take smthg else or just stick to them?
    Amplified creatine 189
    Bcaa 1800
    P6 cellucore
    Multi viit
    Fish oil
    A friend asked me to get ultradrol yet I dunno if it fits my diet or I can take it with the list above.
    Please advice ...

  2. You dont need to do a cycle yet mate, You can achieve a lot more naturally 1st judging by your avatar. Any chance you could post up you old training routine and macros you were eating while trying to gain size!?
    "Dont worry about the burn man! You can do Jane Fonda classes if you want the burn"

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