lose fat, gain muscle

  1. lose fat, gain muscle

    Trying to get more info on how to lose fat..gain muscle.

  2. Research, research,research.

    Bodybuilding.com has good articles

    What is your diet and activity level like?

  3. I weight 180 consume about 2300 calories protein intake is high.i don't eat anything fried or greasy..I did read a few articles upon it but haven't from bodybuilding..just trying to see if i'm going in the right direction

  4. Check out simplyshredded.com they have some good tips

  5. Thanks.will do

  6. gl reaching ur goal u can do it!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Blade Icewood View Post
    gl reaching ur goal u can do it!!
    Blade, you gotta start giving out some more constructive advice, posting GL to every post you right on might seem nice and helps get your post count up, but the OP's are never going to gain anything from that now are they??

    Other wise to the OP just google (can i gain muscle and lose fat) youll find plently of info!!!
    "Dont worry about the burn man! You can do Jane Fonda classes if you want the burn"

  8. Check out the Spartacus workout you can google it.

  9. As stated above, RESEARCH. We can only give you so much advice in a forum post. Articles on stuff like this really go in depth and give you a better understanding of the theory behind this ****.

    First, I would say its pretty damn hard to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. You need to either commit to a bulk or cutting phase. You need to bulk up some and then cut the fat off. It all comes down to caloric requirements. To cut weight you have to expend more cals than you consume and vice versa for bulking. It's a lot easier to build muscle, then maintain that muscle whilst cutting. However, bulking and losing fat at the same time sounds like a prohormone cycle to me.

    If your wanting to do this naturally, lift heavy weights and eat a lot of food. After 2-3 months change your diet around a bit and start cutting the weight.

    This is such a complex question to answer because there is so many different factors. You have to realize that your body does not want to build muscle and could care less if it uses that for energy or fat. You can gain a lot of muscle and then do a **** ton of cardio and burn allll your hard earned muscle off. Focus on low intensity cardio like the bike or powerwalk etc.. this burns fat. You could do this while bulking to help keep off the bulking fat.. but eventually to achieve the -12 bf range your gunna have to tweak your diet and really dial it in. Ab's are made in the kitchen.

    Hope this gave you a good idea of what to look for in your research!


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