1. help!

    I'm at my wits end.. I've hit a plateau and can't seem to like any more weight.. I've done adkins tried traditional workouts crash diets starvation diets went to the doc thinking thyroid or maybe liver probably.. nothing... Healthy as an ox he says.. had all kinds of tests run found Nadda and he says just live with it and be happy.. and I'm back to eating healthy....... And nothing...I do cardio all the time but I still cant get down to where I wanna be... I'm stuck at 195.. and bounce back up to 210 every couple of weeks.. I'm 5'10'' good health and have 20% bf (the worst I do is smoke seriously.. I don't even eat fast food but all of my friends eat McD's all the time and are thin and muscular..).. I want to get back down to 170ish so I can start to bulk and get back to a good 190 with like 10% bf at most... I also have this ugly gut.. that never goes away.. I have abs of rock under the flab...I loose in the chest the face and the glutes and thighs but never gut... What am I doing wrong.. please help.. I don't wanna be ripped just toned and be able to see my abs like I could in highschool..

  2. could you post your body stats, plus what you eat in a day as well as portions, and you current training program. This will help us build a better picture of what needs to happen to help you reach your goals..

    all the best.

  3. Yes,
    need loads of current info as suggested diet, routine training days, supps used, cardio type and frequency, any gutt problems ibs etc, food intolerances, alergies, meds taken???
    Simply if nothing is wrong with your thyroid you may just be eating to much without realising and not active enough....

  4. My guess there's something wrong with your diet. Can't loose weight on starvation? Ever seen pictures of concentration camps specially world war 2? I don't think I've seen fat people on any pictures right after surviving or while in there

  5. Need to put the stats up so these guy can give you good advice, but my bet is the smoking. There's a myth that if you stop you'll get fat; however, i have seen plenty of fatasses who smoke. And have diabetes heart disease COPD.....point is try stopping and really watching the diet-i.e. keep doing what you are doing now
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  6. i think simply the op is prob eating to much......?

  7. 20% is high and you shouldn't have an issue losing bodyfat if your diet is on are estimating your daily calories, you need to be precise and will be surprised at the difference it makes once you make that adjustment. you could also probably benefit from a tyroid simulator supplement


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