Help to gain lean waight

  1. Help to gain lean waight

    Anyone know good way too gain some weight?

  2. Eat more.

  3. Steroids
    Quote Originally Posted by Level9Germ
    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  4. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone
    Eat more.
    I do bro but don't gain much I was wondering if any supplement work good?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Cheif
    Na that be too much bro
    I'm 180 try to get 190 it been year I'm between 178-184 now 180

  6. What the f bro thats the best info I've ever got from a link especially one on gaining weight

  7. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    S P A M

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Miky View Post
    I do bro but don't gain much I was wondering if any supplement work good?
    If you are eating enough to gain, your weight will go up, be it muscle or fat. If the scale is not moving, you need more calories. if you are getting enough protein, add almonds to each meal. Healthy fats and I can always eat them even when full. 15-20 with each meal should get the scale moving if you do not cut on something else.

    As far as supplements, Creatine.

  9. I stand by this, and think it is the best non-anabolic way to gain size and strength. The best gains in weight and strength i have gotten to date is:
    -Colostrum: get a tub of first milking bovine colostrum, and take throughout the day on empty stomach, and take a gerneous amount
    -Creatine (only monohydrate no ethyl ester or kre alkyline or what bs there is, and load it for 5 days and take 10-15mgs after that)
    -ArginineFor pre workout no stimulants or caffeine (stay aeay from anyway) Just take large ammounts of arginine )not only does it boost your NO but its related to hgh)
    -Substitute your protien for weight gainer
    -And start working out Dorian Yates style (HIT),stay away from volume. not alot of sets or exercises but go to failure.And dont be in the gym a long time wasting calories. Hit your muscle hard then move on. And No cardio

  10. O ya and i forgot the most important for building Lean muscle. Take some DAA and DIM


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