Switch up training

  1. Switch up training

    I need some advice on training.
    I've been training for 3 years now, sticking mainly to bodybuilding style workouts, but over the last year I switched to more powerlifting. My stats got pretty good, I was 205 and deadlifting 600+ and squaring around 435.

    I've recently, since about the start of January switched gyms and there are tonnes of bodybuilding guys there. I've totally switched my workout to less weight tonnes of volume and focusing on the contraction. I've noticed my body has adapted well to this.

    Should I stick with the bodybuilding for the next few months and pack on some quality muscle?
    Or switch every 3 months or so between bodybuilding and powerlifting to stay strong?

  2. Depends on your goals bro if u making progress I wouldn't suggest changing up though

  3. what not try power hypertrophy.

    Lift like a powerlifter so you can keep your stats and lifts high and then during the rest of the week lift like a bodybuilder

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rsnake21 View Post
    Depends on your goals bro if u making progress I wouldn't suggest changing up though
    ^^^ Exactly if wanna be a powerlifter train like one, If you want to be a bodybuilder train like one.
    Dave tate gives his thoughts:

    Your weight your pushing is good, so just stick with normal bb training, dont go below 6reps type ****. No point going into detail really because after 3yrs of lifting you should have a fair idea on weight/set/reps/volume/intensity ect ect ect that you should be using, that works best for you.

  5. That video is good

    I'm gonna stick with the bodybuilding for a ever now. The results are much more pronounced in less time. Plus no more sore joints or pain from being an idiot and trying to lift huge weight



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