1. Creatine/protein

    Is it good to take a protein shake before workout i mix it with water its 24g? And also after workout i take the same but i put 5g of creatine mix with the protein, a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter wat do you guys think

  2. I drink protein before and after my workout . Drink it about an hour before and as soon as possible after.

  3. Pretty much this ^
    No need for the fat after lifting, eat a good amount of carbs before and after lifting with the shakes. A faster digesting carb is usually better after lifting...rice cakes, maltodextrin, dextrose, gummi worms, pancake mix, etc
    My goal as a natural bodybuilder is to improve constantly, and win my pro card, while making an increasing amount of people doubt that I'm natural ;)

  4. it is ideal to take the creatine with your protein before your workout, whey protein should be consumed before and after. wouldnt hurt to look into using some casein protein before you go to sleep since your body takes longer to break down casein protein since it is a continual muscle feeder long after whey protein has run its course.

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