started my 5x5s!

  1. started my 5x5s!

    Well actually i started them a few weeks ago sticking to only the compound lifts with no accessory lifts. Things to keep in mind:
    -the only supplement i take is a whey protien once a day post wo
    -i eat 4500-5000 cals a day. This is a clean bulking cycle so lots of lean meats for me
    -i do use chewing tabacco. i know a lot of guys dislike this but i cant tell you for sure if it affects my weights and mass
    -taking 2-3min breaks inbetween each set
    -lifting monday,wednesday,friday
    -starting weight 185 with 7%body fat

    first day
    squat-135,185, 275 for 5 sets of 5
    bench-135,135, 225 for 5x5
    barbell rows-135,135, 185 for 5x5

    everything ws pretty easy i started my weights lower to get in the groove of things

    day 2
    squats-135,185, 280 for 5x5
    overhead press-45,45, 135 for 5x5
    dead lift-135,185,315

    everything was good except for my overhead press. i got all the reps but really struggled to keep my form. im doing these standing

    day 3
    squats-135,185, 285 for 5x5
    bench-135,135, 230 for 5x5
    barbell rows 135,135, 190 for 5x5

    day 4
    squat-135,185, 295 for 5x5
    over head press-45,95, 145 for 5x5
    dead lift-135,225,325

    over head press was a lot easyer today. i kept my form good and pressed like a mad man

    day 5
    squat-135,185,300 for 5x5
    bench-135,135,235 for 5x5
    barbell rows-135,135, 195 for 5x5

    day 6
    squat-135,185,305 for 5x5
    over head press-45,45, 150 for 5x5

    decided to bump up my deadlift a little because it didnt feel like i was lifting heavy enough but the ajustment felt a lot better. Squats are starting to get a little more difficult but i think i can get to 330 ish before i have start to platue. once this happens i will be dropping the weight a little and working past it.

    current weight-189

  2. Looks like your fixing to put some serious lean mass on here, bro. Best of luck to ya. Keep us posted on your gains. Hit em hard, EAT like a goddamn monster, and get your rest.

  3. good luck

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