You don't always have to Chase the pump...

  1. Long rests are always good for the muscle to regroup. When bulking up you want to let your muscles recover. The most important thing is getting the correct amount of reps when you set the goal. Be aware of your 1RM... Your muscle recovers 85% in about 2 minutes of rest. And 5% more for each additional minute...

  2. Are your stats correct?

  3. No question... They are correct. For high intensity heavy poundage. Let the muscles regenerate... Read the book huge and freaky...

  4. On another note in the first 10 seconds you gain 56% recouped strength at 35 seconds 84% strength at 70 seconds 96% it takes an additional 2 minutes and 50 seconds to be exact for the last 4 percent... It always depends on what you're doing... Excersize wise

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