Need some advice

  1. Need some advice

    Hey, I'm planning to start lifting weights next week but I haves few questions if anybody could help me.

    In the pic I attached what muscle should I focus on the most (I personally think my chest) and how long do you think it would take to see very good results providing I go hard at lifting?

    And I know this sounds stupid, but if I was to grow a noticeable size, what fitness person or whoever has a good body would I look like lol

    And what good workouts could I do that will make me gain fast?

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  2. You should focus on every muscle man! and get on a good bulking diet.

    something like:
    Meal 1 (07:00)
    8 egg whites, 1 yolk, scrambled
    Half cup oatmeal
    1 orange

    Meal 2 (10:00)
    6oz chicken breast, grilled
    1 medium baked potato
    1 mixed salad with low fat dressing

    Meal 3 (13:00)
    6oz lean steak, grilled
    1 cup brown rice (cooked)
    3oz steamed vegetables

    Meal 4 (16:00)
    1.5 scoops whey protein
    1 apple or 1 banana

    Meal 5 (19:00)
    6oz salmon, baked
    1 sweet potato
    3oz steamed vegetables

    Meal 6 (22:00)
    6oz low fat cottage cheese
    Half apple
    Handful of almonds
    as far as training goes im a fan on max ot style training but im a little biased as that is what works for me, otherwise SS, 5x5 and 5/3/1 BBB are all good starting programs
    the next thing is get the idea out your head that your going to look like the big guys you see on the supp ads or mags, by all means use them as a motivation tool, but set yourself smaller more achievable goals, you must remember that majority of guys you see have take 10yrs to build quality size muscle especially the nattys.
    hope this helps you out a lil.

  3. THIS!!!! Exactly what I was going to say!!!


  4. Eat like a race horse. The diet plan the other poster gave you is tip top. You can switch up the meats a bit, fishes ect. but as a base line its spot on. I especially like getting all that egg out the way in the morning.

    After that train 3-4 times a week roughly leaving a week between compunds. That would be a good place to start to access your own abilities to recover. Concerntrate on compunds i.e squats, dead lifts, bench press, mill press, rows, pull ups. Spread them out through the week. Do these exercises when you first get into the gym, after that worry about things like bicept curls, tricept pulls, calfs and abs.

    If you train hard for a couple of months you'll be looking like megan fox in no time :P jk.

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