Lifting for gains

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  1. All these 12 pgs of posts were actually really helpful for someone starting weight training like myself. Thanks all!!!

  2. gl reaching ur goal u can do it!!

  3. Eat like a mad man. I dont mean eat chicken fish and all that I mean get a large pizza cover it with olive oil and kill it. Look into 70's big.

  4. Here how I've been approaching it. Let me know what u guys think.

    Mon- off
    Tues - chest and tris
    Wedn- back and bis
    Thurs- legs shoulder
    Sat- chest tris
    Sun-back bis
    Also incorporate drop sets

    Then repeat but starting tues legs and shoulders. I run this for 2 weeks then this.....

    Tues- chest
    Sat- arms (super set tris and bis)
    Sun- shoulders

    Then repeat for 2 weeks. I've made some really nice gains and running the 2 weeks one body part a day allows me to recover and make gains. The biggest problem I see that most guys can't figure out why they can't make gains is they are not eating enough. Also post workout you should be consuming upwards of 50 grams of fast digesting carbs and 30 grams of whey. I personally like hitting up a big glass of chocolate milk it has almost 50 grams of carbs to spike insulin and push those nutrients into your muscle bellies and the whey casein combo is nice to. I also run my workouts with no more then 45 sec rest. It doesn't seem like much but keeping blood flow in the muscle bellies will make u grow. Plus has anyone ever checked there hr during a bad ass leg workout ? With a 30 sec rest your heart rate stays elevated which allows you to burn bf. almost along the line of ct.

  5. big boy d 3-4 sets will be whatever you make it, like you should always try to beat your last workout..say you bench 200 for a certain amount of reps, beat it your next workout with he same weight or go up in weight for the same weight to rep ratio as you did with the lower weight and youll see good gains..
    OEF '11-'12

    Don't be upset with the results you didn't get from the work you didn't put in.

  6. rest pause sets
    OEF '11-'12

    Don't be upset with the results you didn't get from the work you didn't put in.


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