Why do so many roid boys do natural shows?

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  1. professor: touche on that comment, lol

    passion: i never meant YOURE an idiot, i dont even know you, just that i feel that train of thought is... that is the exact equivalent of me giving you all 'real scientific support and proof' of the conclusion that if living an otherwise healthy lifestyle, you can smoke cigarettes your entire life without getting lung cancer just because my grandmother did so and lived to be 85 without getting lung cancer.

    but i agree, my whole argument is ONLY on the legality of steroids (i feel they should be illegal because of peoples lack of knowledge and lack of companies desire to properly inform customers on how to use them and their side effects), or more specifically prohormones, which are, in my opinion, more harmful to you than injectibles.

    when we hear of doctors prescribing steroids to patients for various reasons (such as wasting due to AIDS, etc), i'm assuming theyre test-based injectibles as opposed to oral, methylated prohormones (although i could be wrong).

    however, lets also remember that just because a doctor prescribes you something doesnt make its 'safe'. hell, i see multiple commercials everyday advertising class action lawsuits against companies who's prescription meds have caused life threatening side effects, not to mention all the meds that have eventually gotten pulled due to their sides. (but also... not saying steroids/ph's are JUST AS DANGEROUS OR MORE than any of these medications, lets remember that said medications arent legal without a doctor's prescription)

  2. although, let me concede to the idea that there are many things that arent illegal because they arent regulated by the fda, and may pose serious threats; specifically, herbs. while kava kava isnt illegal, it has been associated with serious cases of liver toxicity (i think it was due to pieces of the stem being mixed into the formula, not quite sure though), but its not regulated by the fda.

    im guilty of this too... but we should also point out that just because something is 'natural' doesnt mean its safer than something 'unnatural'. again, in this situation, i feel like i must go back to the point that many people are unaware of the dangers of 'natural' remedies, and thus think its ok to take as much as they want because 'something natural cant possibly hurt me'

  3. Right, people in this generation depend on the FDA to tell them what is safe and not safe, rather than doing their own homework, talking to experienced users, and understanding at least basic science and biology behind it all before making a decision. Furthermore, if the FDA has kept quiet about any particular substance, people assume its ok and safe. AM members know better because we tend to educate ourselves on such matters.

    This is another great reason why 1) government regulation has caused less individual initiative and 2) we let the government decide what is safe and unsafe by them deciding what is legal and not legal. Nevermind that often times the government makes such decisions not based on the general populations well-being. They base it on money, often times. Research what the senator of Oregon did to allow such crap to get put on the market via "supplementation"..

  4. cant argue with the idea that money fuels the government, which a lot of times leads to certain people (or, in this case, supplements/supplement companies) getting more leeway.

    on the flipside, there are always those isntances of politicians wanting to get elected by 'looking out for their constituants well being' so they start crusades against all supplements, or just any performance enhancing supplement (anabolics, or otherwise) in general.... not sure if these rumors ive been hearing about bills to ban most athletic supplements are true or not, but it makes me wonder

    kind of reminds me when they banned caffeinated alcoholic drinks around here... the leaders had EVERYONE in a frenzy thinking people were going to die because they were consuming alcohol with caffeine. the only 'science' they provided is that caffeine may make you feel less drunk, so youll drink more, causing you to get alcohol poisoning. but the on-going rumor was that it can cause heart attacks mixing 'uppers and downers like that' which i thought was absurd..... theyll pull those energy-alcohol drinks, but are bars banned from mixing vodka and redbull? jagerbombs? hell... jack and cokes? no, of course not... but people wanted to get elected and/or make their constituents think they cared so much about us, that they just had to make these drinks illegal for our well-being (i, personally didnt drink them, i thought they were disgusting, but it was just an observation of mine, just to clarify any 'bias' i may have in this).

  5. I believe ur on the right track in understanding how our congressman think as well as how our legal systems work.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by StakedCop View Post
    Growth hormone and insulin can not be found in any drug test.
    When we have not found this?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bill86 View Post
    im not sure i understand what youre trying to say then. i never said anything about down regulation of test, i was speaking specifically on liver toxicity and/or its other negative effects like on cholesterol levels.

    again, throwing out a fact like that about tylenol is taking everything out of context. tylenol causes so many problems because so many people use (or, misuse) it. if the exact same person in the exact same health were to take the dosage of tylenol thats recommended for aches and pains everyday for 6 weeks, i can guarantee that their liver values would not be as out of whack as taking the dosage of a methylated prohormone for 6 weeks without support supps thats recommended to make gains... but i guess what youre saying is that taking copious amounts of tylenol for long periods of time would be worse than taking a methylated prohormone for a short period of time while taking the right support supplements, to which i may not disagree with you, but again, its kind of a weak comparison.

    i guess my stance is in agreement with bigdavid... it seems like youre trying to justify ph's being 'safe' or whatever by mentioning other substances that can also have adverse side effects.

    my whole point in this was that for the betterment of the general (uninformed) populations health, prohormones are better off banned. simply because most people dont know how to use them properly (sure, we do, but the fact that were subscribers to anabolicminds says something about our interests as compared to an average kid/guy wanting to get big so he walks into a complete nutrition or wherever and says 'give me something that will make me big'). im not anti-ph's/aas in the idea of using them, just the legality of them.

    the thing is, they require much more knowledge about how to use them properly than most any other legally available substance with toxic side effects.
    I agree with you.I have not also understood what they thinking?


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