Post workout meal HELP

  1. Post workout meal HELP

    Hey i have been bodybuilding for about 4 years now and ever since i started my post workout meal's main protein source has been whey protein. Now a friend of mine i work with who is 40 years old and a veteran bodybuilder(all natural huge and ripped) told me to totally drop whey protein out of my post workout meal and totally out of my diet and go with a diet consisting of all natural high protein foods and healthy carbs and fats. Now my diet is already consistes of that besides my intake of whey protein in the morning and after my workouts. He told me that you will benifit more from not taking whey and build a totally different physique then someone who uses whey protein. So now my question to u guys is what should my post workout meal consist of if not taking whey protein?

    My current diet now is:
    meal 1: 5 egg whites and 2 pieces of arnold protein bread, cup of light silk milk, 25 grams of whey
    meal 2: arge lean cut chicken breasts, 1 medium size sweet potato, and light string cheese
    meal 3re workout: 1 serving of natural pb on 110 calorie whole wheat bagel
    meal 4:POST WORKOUT:use to be 50 grams of whey (LOOKING TO REPLACE)
    Meal 5 :large chicken breast, sweet potato, brocolli
    Meal 6: 4 egg whites, light string cheese

    My Supps i take: multi vitamin and fish oil

  2. theres nothing wrong with using whey as you are now. but like he said you need whole foods for the majority of your protein source. i do exactly what you do. whey in the morning as soon as i wake up then i eat about an hour later. same post wo. hes probably referring to people who use powders in general as their main source of protein. that is a not so good idea

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