1. T3

    Has anyone used T3 the thyroid hormone? My trainer suggested me to take it for optimize my weight loss. I have bot being able to lose lately cause I have being binging on food. He says it would help with my hunger and could lose my 20 pounds in a month(with diet and exercise)

    Please tell me your results, how did it work for you guys...


  2. My good friend who is an amateur BBer swears by SHIFT http://store.anabolicminds.com/produ...t-90-caps.html most people who "hate" it is b/c the think they can still eat pizza and doughnuts w it. Some chicks in my nutrition class just each picked up a bottle as well. We shall see w time.

  3. I dont know a lot about this topic, but theres two different strings for T3: there is the one in PES shift and alpha t2 which is relatively safe> then there is the other that can actually mess up your thyroid quite easily if you don't know what you're doing. If you're shooting for 20 pounds in a month id be inclined to think its the latter. It might be best to take it a little slower.

  4. too much circulating T3 can cause sypmptoms of hyperthyroidism... which are not pleasant. There are certainly very effective weight loss supplements out there which are safer.

    Sounds like your trainer is more interested in clients getting 'fast' results (making him look good) then doing it the right way.. if your new to training and have a bit of fat to lose, it's not to hard to drop 2-4 pounds a week given a good diet and appropriate training, without any supplements. Your trainer should have focused on your dietary habits and a solid training regime before throwing potentially dangerous and unneccessary supplements at you.

    My reccomendation: Get a new trainer. Focus on diet and training. Eat 20-30% below maintenance, high protein, moderate to low carbs, moderate fats. train hard. Add some creatine, multivitamin, fish oils, then possibly some fat loss supps (many choices, do some searching). Don't fat you spent years putting on to be gone in 4 weeks. Give yourself 2-4 months to lose the 20 pounds properly, meaning mainting lean body mass at the same time, and you'll look and feel better. Rely on T3 to increase metabolic output and tissue degeneration and sure you'll lose fat and muscle, but at the end you'll stop taking it, your body will have an even lower metabolic rate due to decreased lean muscle mass, and you'll have learnt little in the diet/training discipline, probably go back to old habits and put on more weight than you lost as this time you have even less muscle then when you started.

    My 2 cents, good luck.

  5. lol you dont need t3, and i you do, make sure youre using anabolics with it or you'll lose lot of muscle
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  6. Make sure you get your thyroid to recover quickly if you use something thyroidal. You will eventually recover, but the rebound when your TSH levels are low can put weight back on when you stop the supplements:

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  7. if your not on an anabolic while on the T3 your not going to be losing just fat. T3 doesnt care what type of tissue it burns, it just burns burns and burns

  8. and technically taking T3 hormone is not natural


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