When do genetics become apparent?

  1. When do genetics become apparent?

    The very first time I trained when I was 14 my chest responded like mad, and now at 17 I've just started back after a 4 month break and now my biceps are responding far better than they ever have. Is this genetics?

  2. Could be genetics. But, it can just be that you are at the prime age to make gains. Your body is now pumping out lots of testosterone and you will make great progress early on.

  3. Alright. Thanks

  4. Well to answer this threads topic "when do genetics become apparent," I really don't think there is anything published on this. My best answer I could give would be that after several years of consistant training and nutrition and emphasizing every muscle instead of overshadowing or overlooking some, that there would be your best bet in seeing your genetics.

  5. Overall structure, muscle shape, insertion points, hormone levels etc are determined genetically but you can see substantial changes in your physique for the first several years of natural training. From there on out, its a slow, uphill climb as you become closer and closer to your genetic limitations. When I first started (at about your age) I was able to put on 20+ lbs of muscle within the first couple years......most of it in the first year. BUt ive been building for 15 + years and I am still seeing changes. At this point I consider a 2-3 lb gain (lean mass) in a year very substantial.

  6. Proper training and good diet give the good physique, some times it's called genetics only because at the age of 17 and 18 the improvement of the body will be higher than at the age of 14.

  7. Okay. I appreciate it. I don't think I stated that the best for what I meant. Like I already know that my chest is my strong point regardless, since the first time I tried. I just wondered if things could continually reveal themselves to be easier to grow than other muscles, and if my entire body would do that? That sounds stupid, but I figured id ask anyway. Thanks

  8. You will probably find that some muscle groups respond better than others. My upper body just grows without much attention but I have to kill my lower body to make progress. And yes, that is part of your genetic make up.
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  9. Alright, thanks man.


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