Does anyone know a good sports diet?

  1. Lightbulb Does anyone know a good sports diet?

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for something that will give me advice on foods to eat and how to build myself up and maintain a healthy diet.

    Also looking to be able to make exercise program and record what I do and eat. Maybe a site that can give me data, feedback etc too.

    In short I am looking for a website to help with food nutrition and training planning.

    Greg Grunberg

  2. Have 5 meals aday with high protine and medeum carbs nice fats heathy eating veg brokly .... Just make it nice and clean

  3. Keep your it below maintence as you don't seem to want to get big.

  4. lean gains my friend....couple that with a paleo approach. can't go wrong
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  5. contact TurningGreen or MrKleen73

    they are very knowledgeable able this method bro
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  6. To gain muscular bodyweight, you will need to eat at least five to six meals every day. your body can assimilate food better when it is spread throughout the day, rather than gorging yourself on two to three large meals each day. The main component required in a muscle building/weight gaining diet is protein so you will need to eat a lot of high quality complete protein foods(red meat chicken fish eggs dairy products) beans and nuts have protein but it is an incomplete protein..meaning they dont contain all the essential amino acids to support growth. To get 5 to 6 meals a day you must eat every 2 to 3 hours and you must have meals and snacks protein powder makes it allot easier to ingest high amounts of protein and calories over the course of the day. Other than this basic info if you need more advice just ask or message me and good luck...

  7. For any one sports diet you have to take the 5 to 6 small meals a day with in that you have to add the white meat and mostly the seafood and colorful veggies with proper calories, high protein and medium carbs.


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