The 6 Pack Bag

  1. The 6 Pack Bag

    Hey all,

    I recently came across this lunch box that came out last year. Its a neat concept for those who carry lots of food around. It is expensive though, but may be worth the investment. I carry a lunch box as tall as the big version of this, although it is not as wide. First off I want to say, its probably a little overkill since a large igloo cooler can accomplish the same thing, but still....

    Give me your thoughts, Im thinking of buying one

  2. Wow, I really want that 3meal sized one, would make bringing multiple meals to work pretty nice, but I couldn't possibly pull the trigger for $70. Cool concept though.
    Just inject.

  3. Yeah I feel you. With christmas coming I can get my hands on one of these without financial worry. Lets get some feedback fellas.

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