1. 500x1

    squating 500 and 445x5 all natural age 19 at 177

    YouTube - Drew 500x1

    YouTube - Drew 445x5


  2. Uploading next bench press will be attempting 365 and next deadlift max attemping 600 previous maxes bench 355 and dead 585

  3. strong as phuck for 19. I think your ROM could go even lower, hams to calves, but for 19 your ROM is better then 99% of people I see at 19 squat. Either way, you got some serious leg strength. Like competition grade strength for your weight & age, keep kick'n ass.
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    Great stuff for a 19-year-old.
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  5. Fake plates....

    JK awesome job kid. Sadly the keyboard commandos of YouTube will show up posting stupid crap.

    Keep at it man, you've got some serious strength.
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  6. Thats awesome. You should get into competition.

    Care to share any secrets to your training? How long have you been lifting?

  7. And WTF is the girl in the background of the 5x445 video doing?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ntornado View Post
    And WTF is the girl in the background of the 5x445 video doing?
    With the rubberband?? our gym owner thinks hes an amazing trainer tellin these kids they can increase their vertical 10inches in two weeks..... iv been lifting since i was 14 legs i always do like my heavy squats and stuff kinda mixed between powerlifting and bodybuilding.. what helps me so much i think is right after i do my heavy squat i go directly into a superset between close leg squats pretty heavy on just free weights wat ever i can hit 12-15 and run to the smith machine and hit hax squats the same way 12-15 times with not much rest in between for 4 or 5 sets and first its straight hell like no joke but about 2 or 3weeks you start getting used to it and can add weight pretty fast some say its over training but its always worked for me always had pretty strong legs naturally.. did a competition when i was 17 with my buddy in missouri and won nationals but iv been looking into some more comps but idk iv been hurting full body wise so im gonna hold off on them i was gunna do one in hotsprings arkansas in dec but idk if i am gunna or not anymore.. diet sleep and kill it man legs are what make or break you

  9. My main secrets are muscle tech supplements they really get me where i need to be lmao

  10. where's the dead lift videos?


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