natural testosterone and the seasons

  1. natural testosterone and the seasons

    Ive heard you prooduce different amounts in different seasons. Dose anyone know about this?

  2. there may be some truth in that Living in the UK we dont get a lot of hot sunshine ,I notice that when i go to Spain and sit out in the sun , that i feel hornier .Whether its the sun directly on the genital area (wearing shorts here i add) i dont know , but its an interesting thought" natural testosterone and the seasons "

  3. There may be some truth to it on the basis of a particular species breeding time. Years of trial and error will gear an organism to reproduce when its most optimal. So if a population of birds have a higher survival rate of offspring when mating in early spring - their endocrine system will respond to observations of environmental shifts. So when spring time comes their test spikes and the fun begins.

    We, as humans, do not follow that pattern so that's why I'm only calling it plausible.
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