need some help

  1. need some help

    im a type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 3 years ago, im 18. i know insulin can help pack on some serious muscle, how can i use this to my advantage? What are some supplement ideas? also tryin to compete next year, how would i go about getting lean for a show?

    age: 18
    weight: 205
    body fat: 12-13% see all but lower abs.
    bench: 355
    squat: 480
    deadlift: 495

  2. assuming u are staying natural witch u should because ur 18 i would recomend trying methoxy along with all ur basics protein creatine aminos preworkout and post workout just cover all the bases .

    if ur planning to compete u have to plan well ahead of time for shows and diet down to peak at the right time. this is a topic that there is plenty of info of online and ull have to research urself as far as diet and water consumption up to the show the use of isulin will help u when cutting because it prevents muscle breakdown in times of stress. as far as working out u should be adding cardio and cutting down on carbs as the show approaces

    i cant spoon feed u all the info so look up dieat and workout plans then customise them to ur individual needs
    i dont know alot about being a diabetic but i advise u to be carefull in ur cutting stages as far as maintaining blood sugar so best of luck and be safe

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