just though to drop by and introduce my self after been a member for few weeks
i am currently located in Holland (Nederland ) 33 years old , about 145.6Ibs , 5 ft 7-11/16 inches (172cm) . i don't know my body fat percentage but soon i will check it out and post it here as well + pictures i have already made but i assume i cant post links and pictures since i have not require enough posts ( i will work on it in the meanwhile)
i have been lifting on a daily base since 3 month , though i have been dealing with sport much longer than that and i know how to take my body to the limit . i founded anabolic minds ( really happy i did ) via google , searching some answers for my self , another reason i am here is the fact i am considering going anabolic but at the moment i am far from been educated so i just dedicate some time for researching your articles and try to learn from your experience .
my work out routine is pretty simple , i work out 6 days and i just trains one body part at the time about 45min sometimes an hour , i don't think i am over training my muscles but i would like to hear your point of view here .
my current diet is 3000cl (40 , 40 , 20 ) i eat clean since two month ago , i never had a protein shake in my life but next month i will place my order and buy some few products which i assume are essential products as far as it comes to bodybuilding.
my plan is to combine :

Vassive C5 1.22LB
Vassive NO 1.78LB
hydrowhey protein
extra bcaa and some extra glutamin all products from Optimum Nutrition

so please guys (and girls) if you feel i am missing something or should add something to it just feel free and lemme know that's the reason i am here for .

since i plan to add those supplements i mentioned above , i plane to change my diet as well to something like this :
70 gr whey protein
2 slices wholemeal bread
20 gr glutamine

275 gr chicken
200 gr vegetables

5 total eggs
200 gr vegetables

275 salmon

275 gr chicken

275 gr chicken
200 gr vegetables

Before workout 17.15
10 bcaas

After workout
10 bcaas
50 gr vitargo + 50 gr whey isolate

10 minutes later
50 gr vitargo + 50 gr whey + 20 gr glutamine

30 minutes later
40 gr rice
200 gr chicken

50 gr whey + 4 egg (white)

20 gr glutamine

my goals are pretty smilier to every bodybuilder goals , i would like to gain muscle tissue at the bulking period and lose fat at the cutting...

please feel free to express your opinion about it , and if you feel i miss or have to add something just feel free to do so ...any suggestions will be welcome , and thx in advance taking the time reading my post ( excuse my poor English , is just not my native ).